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Pediatric Preventive Dentistry in Elizabethtown

Happy beautiful family of three at homeAs a parent, you want to do everything you can to keep your child’s precious smile beautiful. Having an experienced pediatric dentist you can rely on ensures your kid’s teeth stay healthy and helps them avoid restorative services later on.

At Pediatric Dentistry in Elizabethtown, we’re committed to providing gentle and comprehensive dental care to protect your child’s smile so it can last a lifetime. Dr. Anwer and her team work with infants, toddlers, and children. Our friendly team has years of experience treating kids of all ages, including those with special needs. The office is wheelchair accessible and easy to reach from our Elizabethtown, Bardstown, Radcliff, and Shepherdsville communities. Contact us to schedule your child’s first visit!


What Is Preventive Dental Care?

Preventive dental care involves protecting your child’s oral health development as they grow, right from their first baby tooth to their final molar. At Pediatric Dentistry in Elizabethtown, early prevention is the key focus of our practice. Our specialists diligently monitor your child to ensure their teeth are healthy and properly aligned. We can detect problems early, treat them, and help prevent further issues.

Our pediatric preventive dental care includes:

What to Expect on the First Visit

Our goal is to ensure your child feels welcome, comfortable, and safe in our office. When you come in for your first visit, our friendly staff will greet you and your child and introduce themselves. We’ll take you around the office, demonstrate dental tools, and explain how everything works in a fun, engaging, and age-appropriate way. This helps them bond with our team so they can have positive dental experiences. Once your child is relaxed and comfortable, we perform a non-invasive exam, with your child sitting on the exam chair or your lap. Our specialist will also explain how to prevent cavities and demonstrate to your child correct and fun ways to take care of their teeth at home.

How You Can Help

You can help protect against tooth decay by cleaning your baby’s gums and teeth after each bottle or nursing. Have them finish their bottle before going to bed to avoid bacteria buildup while they sleep. Brush and floss your child’s teeth until they’re mature enough to do it independently. Your child’s diet also plays a significant role in their oral health, so be sure to maintain a healthy, nutritious diet and limit soft drinks and sugary snacks. Make at-home oral hygiene fun by using songs and games, rewarding them for good dental care, or letting them pick their toothbrush.

Thorough Children’s Dental Exams

With frequent dental exams, our team can detect issues when they’re most treatable, preventing them from escalating to larger problems. Schedule a checkup every six months, as this allows us to monitor your child’s development closely. These visits also help build comfort and confidence with the dental office environment, reducing fear and ensuring future stress-free visits. We also offer nitrous oxide for complex procedures or to help with extreme anxiety.

Photo of joyful children touching by their heads with girl her thumb upBringing your child for a dental exam regularly also teaches them the importance of lifelong healthy habits. During the exam, our specialists will conduct a thorough visual examination. We don’t typically do with children under five or six years, but we may take one if they are prone to decay. Our dental exam includes the following:

  • Check your child’s teeth for decay, abnormal wear, or damage
  • Ensure their teeth are developing correctly and erupting on time
  • Examine the gums and soft tissues for any signs of trauma or infection
  • Evaluate their bite to determine if they’ll need orthodontic treatment
  • Assess your child’s jaw development to ensure it’s on track

Gentle Dental Cleanings

Our dental cleanings for children aged six months and up are caring and calm. We use smaller special instruments to clean away plaque around your kid’s teeth and gum line. Once the teeth are plaque-free, we polish each tooth to remove any plaque left behind. Our experts then gently floss your child’s teeth to remove any food particles hiding between the teeth.

We often include a fluoride treatment for children as it helps reduce the risk of cavities and strengthens their enamel. Depending on your child’s age, we may also recommend sealants. This is a special plastic coating that covers the teeth, preventing decay. We also educate your child on correct hygiene routines and demonstrate proper brushing and flossing techniques.

Creating Healthy Smiles with Pediatric Preventive Care in Elizabethtown

Your child’s oral health is vital for their overall health and quality of life. At Pediatric Care in Elizabethtown, we’re committed to providing gentle and comprehensive preventive dental care that ensures your child’s smile stays healthy and beautiful. We love helping kids learn the importance of taking care of their teeth and developing effective oral hygiene habits. If you’re looking for a skilled and compassionate pediatric dentist, call us today and schedule a fun and friendly visit!


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